Why Mick's Standing

Dear Comrade,

I’ve been proud to call Birkenhead home for my entire life. I was born in St Cath’s and grew up on the Woodchurch estate. My dad was a shipwright on the docks, my mum worked at Cammell Laird and my brothers served their time there, whereas I worked at Vauxhall for decades.

It is for this reason that I have put my name forward to stand as your parliamentary candidate at the next general election. This community runs through me like rock, and I would be honoured to fight on behalf of it in Westminster.

After serving my time in the Merchant Navy, I went to work on the lines at Vauxhall’s. The experience of shop floor politics opened my eyes to the labour movement, and I threw myself into the fight to improve the lives of the working class. Within a year of working at the plant, I became a shop steward, and eventually became the convenor for the entire plant, standing firm for working people. I then became an organiser for the T&GWU, fighting for other people in workplaces across the North West.

My track record of struggle is what has led people encouraging me to throw my name in to represent Birkenhead in Parliament. Our party is on the cusp of power. The coming election will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to vastly improve the life chances of people in our country.

I hope that you can put your faith in me to stand as Labour’s candidate, and that we can work together to secure a brighter, socialist future for our shores.

I will always be Birkenhead’s voice in Westminster and not Westminster’s voice in Birkenhead.

In friendship,


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