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“I’ve known Mick for many years, he’s a hardworking individual with socialism at his core. Being local to Birkenhead and part of the community, Mick spent decades as a shop steward and convenor at Vauxhall’s. I know that he would be a wonderful colleague for me and others to have down in Westminster supporting Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party.”

Dan Carden MP, Shadow International Development Secretary


Burgon.png“I am backing Mick Whitley to be our Party’s next candidate in Birkenhead. The people of Birkenhead deserve a strong socialist voice that embodies the very best of our movement. Mick’s politics were forged in the trade union movement and we desperately need more trade unionists speaking up for working class communities in Parliament.”

Richard Burgon MP, Shadow Justice Secretary


rayner.png“Mick has fought against unscrupulous bosses, precarious work practices and exploitation his entire life. On behalf of workers and their families he has fought for and won recognition agreements, better terms and conditions and pension rights. He’s exactly the sort of person we need in Parliament, championing communities as well as the causes of equality and social justice. I know all too well that Mick is passionate about the life chances of the next generation. He will be a strong advocate of more investment in early years funding and comprehensive education.”

Angela Rayner MP, Shadow Education Secretary


jones.png“During the last three years, our shared experiences inform us that we are crying out for Labour MPs who put their head above the parapet and support the redistribution of wealth and power in out society. I’m backing Mick because he represents the brand of politics that led to Jeremy’s leadership victories. We need socialist members of the PLP, like Mick, to ensure that the transformative programme we are building is implemented in full.”

Owen Jones, Journalist


bailey.png“When I became active in Unite, Mick was there to support and encourage me in taking on responsibilities and leadership roles. He consistently supports the grassroots and I think this has led to Unite having so many great women activists in the North West. Mick’s still been there to provide me with advice on trade unionism and industrial relations whilst I’ve been in the Shadow Cabinet. This is why he has my full support.”

Rebecca Long-Bailey MP, Shadow Business Secretary


mcdonnell.png“Mick Whitley is a stalwart of our movement. After spending most of his working life on the shop floor in Vauxhalls, he has the industrial and political experience to fight for Birkenhead effectively in Parliament. Mick is a great supporter of Jeremy’s leadership and during his 40 years as member of our Party, he has consistently supported the left’s project of rebuilding socialism inside the Party. Birkenhead needs a socialist voice speaking up for it as we build towards a Labour Government. I believe Mick is that voice."

John McDonnell MP, Shadow Chancellor


pidcock.png“Mick is driven by his belief in the working class, to address issues of inequality and the decline in social mobility. He will work tirelessly for Birkenhead and through his vast trade union experience and community activism will work hard to address falling living standards and stalled wages. For these reasons he has my wholehearted support."

Laura Pidcock MP, Shadow Minister for Labour


smith.png“After 40 years, Birkenhead deserves a political voice that will champion the most vulnerable and who has the courage of their convictions to take on the powerful vested interests that control our society and our economy. That is we desperately need more left trade unionists and socialists in Parliament who can bring with them their experiences of fighting for working people and their families. That is why I’m backing Mick Whitley to be your next Labour MP in Birkenhead”

Laura Smith MP, Member of Parliament for Crewe & Nantwich


morris.png“Mick Whitley has an excellent track record of speaking up for those society with little or no voice. He would be a great candidate and even better constituency MP who will champion the cause of those suffering the effects of austerity under this brutal Tory Government. I hope you select him as your candidate in Birkenhead.”

Grahame Morris MP, Member of Parliament for Easington


trickett.png“Communities like Birkenhead have been smashed by the neo-liberal agenda over the last 40 years. Our people in places like Birkenhead need jobs, opportunities and most importantly hope. Mick Whitley is an individual who can deliver that message on the doorstep in the community he knows so well. I’m backing him to be your next Labour candidate and hope you will too.”

Jon Trickett MP, Member of Parliament for Hemsworth


mason.png“Mick has been a crucial component in defending and progressing left politics within the North West region over many years. Mick and his family all hail from Birkenhead and I know he has been at the forefront, fighting for jobs at places like Cammell Lairds where his brother was arrested as one of the Cammell Laird 37. He will be an excellent Labour candidate who will help develop socialist policies fit for the 21st century.”

Paul Mason, Journalist


esterson.png“I’ve known Mick for a long time and he has a proven track record of fighting for working people - in Cammell Laird and other workplaces across Birkenhead but also up and down the whole of the North West. He is exactly the kind of person Labour needs alongside us in Parliament so we can deliver an industrial strategy that works for the many and not the few.”

 Bill Esterson MP, Member of Parliament for Sefton Central


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