Mick's Vision for Birkenhead

Here are some of Mick’s pledges to you…



A Summit of Our Community

If selected as your Labour candidate, I will hold a summit with members of the public, community activists, Labour party members and supporters, civic leaders, businesses and trade unions to focus on the things that matter most to our people. Whilst our focus should be broad, our solutions must be radical. Through conversation and dialogue, key issues are already coming to the fore.


Building our Constituency Labour Party

If I am selected to be the candidate for Birkenhead, I will work with all our Labour Party branches and affiliates to focus on continuing to grow our party. The Labour Party should be a local hub of activity and political education.


An Open-Door Office

I will ensure that our constituency office is open and accessible to our community, providing a warm welcome to Birkenhead constituents. Local people should be able to pop in and discuss any issues they may have.


Confronting Land-Bankers

Birkenhead is being held to ransom by speculators who are preventing large swathes of our brownfield land from being used for social good. With an interventionist council, government and MP, there are opportunities for revival in Birkenhead. If the land-bankers refuse to stand up and deliver, it’s about time that we should ourselves seek to put our brownfield land to more productive use: restoring industry, creating green jobs or building council houses.


Jobs for Birkenhead

I will fight with all my energy for the continuation of good, decent jobs in the area. This means sticking up for people at Cammell Laird, and for people from the area who work in workplaces such as Vauxhall’s and Unilever. Every person in Birkenhead deserves a good job with a good contract and union representation – I will fight for this as hard as I will fight against the scourge of casualisation.


Green Energy or Climate Chaos

This Tory government is taking us backwards when it comes to renewables, with Wales deprived of thousands of jobs when the Swansea Bay tidal lagoon project was cancelled. The Wirral Peninsula is also full of opportunities for new clean energy projects – we need to take advantage of this if we are to cut carbon emissions. I will champion the creation of well-paid green jobs, and ensure local people are employed with full trade union recognition.


For Pay and Prospects

Some of the lowest paid workers in the country live in the Birkenhead constituency. I will campaign to ensure that at least the Living Wage is paid in every workplace possible, and will work to have unjust cuts to benefits restored entirely. At a time when depression and suicide rates among young people are reaching all-time highs, I would also fight to improve mental health counselling and broader services for our young.


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