Local People Backing Mick



corlett.png“Mick has a history of standing up for trade union values in the Labour Party. He has fought for decent shifts, contracts and wages for countless workers over the years, and I believe he’s best placed to fight for the people of Birkenhead in Parliament.”

Graham Corlett, Prenton Labour Party member



“I've known Mick for 5 years and have seen how he's been an absolute credit to our community and has been a rock to myself, our union reps and our union members. Our Shop Stewards Committee believes that Mick representing Birkenhead would be fantastic for our town, our residents and our future.”

Karl Gill, Convenor for the Shop Stewards Committee at Cammell Laird, Birkenhead & Tranmere Labour Party member



“Mick has been at the heart of the labour movement on Merseyside for decades, encouraging many of us as young activists. Having been fully behind Corbyn’s leadership, I’m certain that Mick as a local candidate will continue to be a strong voice for bold socialist policies.”

Micaela Tracey-Ramos, Merseyside Young Labour rep


marnell.png“Mick has a proven track record of taking forward and delivering a progressive, left agenda in the region. He is Birkenhead born and would be ready to hit the ground running. Like me, Mick’s brother was one of the sacked & jailed Cammell Laird ‘37, and Mick himself was behind us from the very start.”

Eddie Marnell, Cammell Lairds ‘37


Julie_Walker.png“Unlike most politicians, Mick fully understands the extent of Britain’s housing crisis and why we need to fight for proper council houses in our town. Private tenants in Oxton need an MP who will take action against rising rents and unscrupulous landlords- and I’m sure Mick will be that MP.”

Julie Walker, Oxton Labour Party member


“Mick has always supported trade unionists especially in the age of precarious work. Mick’s commitment to the Corbyn project along with his community organising experience make him exactly what Claughton residents need. There's a lack of MPs from an industrial background, & that's why I endorse Mick.”

Cameron Dunleavy, Claughton Labour Party member


joanne_nelson.png“As a long-time activist, Mick has always been committed to pushing Labour towards socialism. He is never afraid to tackle the big issues such as the Tory cuts to council funding, which has affected so many people. It’s about time that Birkenhead had a socialist MP.”

Joanne Nelson, Birkenhead & Tranmere Labour Party member


“Having grown up in Birkenhead, Mick realises what our community needs to bring back jobs – a Labour government with MPs who support Jeremy’s socialist policies. Mick has always stood beside grassroots activists, and as an MP there’s no doubt that he will stand up for Birkenhead party members.”

Angela Moran, Birkenhead & Tranmere Labour Party Member


sarah_smith.png"We need an MP who will stand up for the most vulnerable in our town and take the fight to those who seek to divide us. Mick's grassroots credentials and commitment to the people of Birkenhead make him the right candidate for Labour at the next general election."

Sarah Smith, Rock Ferry Labour Party Member


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